American Gangsta – Baby Money Lyrics

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“American Gangsta” 

is it?

I heal cannot Escape pack Bill pack,

a rule.

You don’t scrub that.

You got that switch on the Glitchy.

Turn that fitted to a snapback phone in the buck.

You can’t put this shit on Snapchat.

We are stars in the crib full of hashtag.

That’s the OD but on asking but I’ll cash it.

Dropped out of school and nigga,

s was my last class,

I by persons already better than living

with their rap niggas.


as I made it to the top,

I start pulling these Brody,

pull up in that drink.

But you knew that shit was just a time to get a spot.

We get to drop and shoot it up late in a breaking.

My sister them boys.

I’m booted up,

elevating the church to them boys,

I’m moving up holder.

Tsunami a child hood niggas Reiner?

What is fuck?

The Titanic we had bystanders niggas playing with us.

They had to let my nigga out cuz you want saying enough,

then he took the blood down because he wasn’t paying enough niggas

fans of us.

I know niggas fake 100 fast underwater.

I’ve been drowning Ben Franklin.

Fuck a bitch.

Then I lie.


I’m like a tip.


it took long but I happened.

I ain’t trip.

I’ve been waiting been Embed tag has a nice day.

Been haters.

I’ll take anything I wanna bench at.

I’m here facing about the foot.

The back twice I paid her rent.

Later 3,000 for my jacket and it just went breakdown me.


I’ma tell you I’ma shoot you.

Let me tell us in my own bag.

I know it won’t get.


Let me melt proud rich.

Nigga are shown her my whip because I’m a fellow,

real hustle.


you can give me nothing.

I’m just telling,

I got my hustle.

Got me up,

I mean I know nothing living with their wrapping bitch,

I’m pulling niggas but soon as I made it to the top,

I start pulling niggas up.

I’m be the last thing.

You see,

is Brody,

pull up in that triangle.

Gotta talk about what happened,

but you knew that shit was just a time to get a spot.

We get to drop and shoot it up hating.

I’m parking my sister them,


I’m booted up,

elevating the church setting boys.

I’m moving up that.

You understand that’s our pattern that’s 25,000 dollar.

Alpaca you block that shit.

You don’t Rubble,

put the club soda on their ass motherfucking

listen from now on,

don’t nobody talk to me directly,

you understand,

you got business with me,

you talk to Huey you and you talk to me,

you got it.

All right.

Dammit never on the phone.

You got it?

I got it.

All right,

and take them.

Goddamn sunglasses off the goddamn sunglasses.

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Track Information

Song titleAmerican Gangsta
ArtistBaby Money
Release DateDec 21, 2022


WritersBaby Money
Record LabelBaby Money

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