2 Mins of Pain – Sleepy Hallow lyrics

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2 Mins of Pain – Sleepy Hallow track is released on September 7, 2022, on all popular platforms. The track is written by Sleepy Hallow and directed by Picture Perfect.

2 Mins of Pain


You know how I’m comin’, nigga

Free Bank, Free Sheff

Free Fross, Free CJ (Marlon), Free Marlon

Free brodie, yo

Yo, free all the guys, you know?



Lot of pain, you could feel it

Just try not to get all in your feelings

Any situation, you can kill it

Just remember, you one of the realest

I can’t lie, I do get in my feelings

But I still gotta handle my business

When I pull up, them windows is—, uh

When I pull up, the windows is tinted

I can’t lie, I be stuck in the mix

PTS’ got me clutchin’ a stick

Sippin’ medicine, baby, I’m sick

Pass the grabba, this spliff got to hit

Drop the addy, we spinnin’ your strip

Love the .40, that shit got a kick

Yeah, I know that they wanted me dead

So don’t act like you proud of me, bitch

My lil’ brother keep one in the head

He said, “Fuck it,” he know how it get

You say I never be what I say

I’m like, “Fuck it, I’m makin’ it lit”

Good fit, gotta take me a flick

I just do it, tell Nike to quit

Fuck the fame I just wanna be—, uh

Fuck the fame I just wanna be rich

Shorty tryna kick it like karate, man

Ate a Perky like a Jolly Ranch’

Police say they got me on the bodycam

Had the choppa, shit got out of hand

I don’t really know him, he ain’t from the land

Young fly nigga, never land

Smoke up, I get high as a kite

Shorty said she gon’ ride like a bike

I can’t lie, I think shorty my type

Bad lil’ bitch and I know what she like, uh, like, uh, like

Baby, pull up, I’m here for the night

I was broke, ain’t seen no one in sight

How you gon’ trip ’cause I’m takin’ a flight, uh, flight, uh, flight?

Watch your back, don’t get caught at the light

Way too clean, had to dirty the Sprite

Bro, if you lackin’, you losin’ your life

Got the sauce but ain’t usin’ it right

Said I’m whack, now they sayin’ I’m nice

Shorty on me like white on the rice

You do what you can, I do what I like

And my life, you don’t know what it’s like

‘Member I couldn’t get no advice

Fuckin’ up, now we got you on ice

Lil’ bro took your chain, now he wearin’ your ice, uh, ice, uh, ice

In the field gotta stay with a pipe

Gotta move like a thief in the night

I can’t stick around, girl, I’m leavin’ tonight

For the feature, I’m switchin’ the price

Shit went up, gotta talk to me nice

Walk with me, I’ll show you a vibe

If you scared, then you ain’t gotta slide

Told that boy, “You should go back inside

You thinkin’ of switchin’, then stay on your side”

Suicide, she hang with the guys

Beat the case, now they droppin’ the charge

But it’s hard to believe in a God

‘Cause most of my niggas ain’t beatin’ the odds

But I know they still pray to the Lord

Like, fuck it, I know they still riskin’ it all

In my city this shit like a war

If they get up on me, I’m gettin’ it off, uh, off, uh, off


Yeah (Uh, uh)


Yeah (Uh)


Track Information

Song title2 Mins of Pain
ArtistSleepy Hallow
Release DateSeptember 7, 2022


WritersSleepy Hallow
ProducersNarline Beats
Video DirectorPicture Perfect

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