12 Metal Songs you must add to your playlist today!

Ville Valo - Neon Noir

Finland's "love metal" heartthrob Ville Valo has put out a new album, the last being HIM's swansong, Tears on Tape

Periphery - Wildfire

Wildfire is a typically ambitious and unpredictable explosion of creativity from the D.C. prog/djent band

Trivium - Implore The Darken Sky

Unsurprisingly, Implore is among the heaviest songs Trivium have put out in a good while

Puscifer - A Singularity (Re-Imagined by Carina Round)

The new version of A singularity is remixed by UK singer-songwriter Carina Round. The video of the track is equally beautiful.

Maneskin – Gossip

Gossip isn’t going to give Cattle Decapitation any sleepless nights on the heaviness front, but it’s got ‘rock club banger’ written all over it.

Sleep Token - The Summoning

Sleep Token kicked off the first week of the year with two new singles, each offering a different interpretation of their unique sound.

Delain - Moth To A Flame

With their new album Dark Waters just over a month away, Delain are closing in on the end-game for the next step in their evolution.

Lovebites - The Spirit Lives On

Lovebites are carrying the power metal grail even further on the virtuosic The Spirit Lives On.

Grave Pleasures - Society Of Spectres

The first single from the band’s upcoming album Plagueboys, Society Of Spectres is Grave Pleasures exactly as we remember them

Hanabie - お先に失礼します。(Pardon Me, I Have To Go Now)

Tokyo terrors Hanabie’s riotously OTT new single smashes together metalcore, electro-rock and Kawaii-metal

Prong - Breaking Point

Prong are back delivering the industrialised groove metal goods. Breaking Point is archetypal modern Prong

Zulu - Where I’m From

Where I’m From shows the hype is more than deserved; brutish bass-lines, chunky, groovy riffs and curled-lip mosh calls