Super General – Kevin Gates Lyrics

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Super General

Yeah, we could be superstars (I gotta get this off my chest, ya heard me?)
We been rather wreckin’ cars (ayy bro, is that Jambo?)
I forgive you for anything you do, but, bitch, if you tell on a nigga
What is at stakes for us (I love y’all, If you tore up out here)
Kickin’ off power mirrors (fuck you, yeah)
Yeah, we could be superstars (but, y’all don’t appreciate my presence, for real)
But I’m pretty sure our time is up (ayy, when I put it on your lil’ partner)
And so we fell off the spinning tops (I should’ve spit on it when I finished, ya heard me?)
Don’t know, maybe for trial (ATL)
Retarded (pussy lil’ bitch)

If you my nigga, then I’m yo’ killer
Nobody gon’ play with you when I’m with you
I ain’t gon’ lie, son, since you left my side, got more security with you
You my lil’ son, yo’ neighborhood gated, my estate if you don’t remember
Slept on the floor and shared the space where I laid down to play with my children
Now I got bands, I’m playin’ with millions
But, I can’t lie and say, “I don’t miss you”
Knowin’ the I’m Him album flopped, deep down inside, got major resentment
Treated unfair when I went to prison
But, I’m prepared to speak on the issue
Unresolved at family dinners, passin’ it from past experience
Media painted a narrative to all of the fans, a lot of the facts was missin’
Jay and Lee Lucas, came to my aid when I got remanded, went back to prison
How do you explain when you and your spouse engaged in illegitimate business
They was all happy when I was on drugs, but I sobered up, I’m payin’ attention
Shit on my name, gave me a blemish
Her mother done turned my lil’ ones against me
Bought her a truck when I was away, and can’t explain the way I’m feelin’
Her and her son jumped my new wife and took her purse, and won’t admit it
Personal trainer, invaded my personal place, deep down inside it killed me
Her and this nigga that schemed me out some cake, deep down inside it killed me
Criticized when I was fat, I developed some insecurities
Got on that Adderal, in the gym three times a day, how I got skinny
Got on that alcohol, which kinda help me block out all my symptoms
Nobody know the sins but I’m sufferin’, playin’ perfect while on Insta
Tried to tell the world what I’m jugglin’, left subliminals on Twitter
Bito tried to tell me, “Just focus, hold it together, ” but I’m sippin’
His brother lied to Moneybagg Yo, that’s still my brother, but we just distant
Always love when he be shinin’, remind me of Mazi when he glistenin’
Boo Dirty kept it player, we fell out, and he forgive me
Curb Boy tried to warn me, swear to God, wish I’d have listened
Jeff Perry, you know I’m sorry, you know I love you, I should’ve listened
Took the lick, made me feel guilty, I went back and tried to fix it
Still was playin’ on my lil’ temper, tryna manipulate my mentals
I’m in that 70805 where I post up in the trenches
Told Lil’ Tank, DL, and Nell and Tony, “Don’t let nobody kill me”
Cold-hearted woodland hills, stuffin’ that dick in Bundle Of Brittany
We had a real infatuation with one another, but no commitment
She know I was turnt up with the Cartel and wasn’t agreein’ with how I was livin’
So she went made the safer choice and had a baby with her new nigga
Now she say she made a mistake, deep down, her heart wasn’t really in it
We was laid up, I ain’t answer when the hit and lost the shipment
Poured my heart out, I made fly again, you hurt me, I’m out the picture
Stressin’ ’bout me during yo’ pregnancy, your baby now resemble me
Went home to sleep, deep down, there’s tension when you knowin’ that somethin’ missin’
Suck it up, put all of my energy back in Islah and lil’ Killa
Took the blame in interviews and made it look like I was trippin’
Made the Dreka song, lied to the world while tryna protect her image
Tell me you love me, I say it back, back of my mind, I’m indifferent
Brought this infiltrator to the farm, hurt my heart, what am I missin’?
You a man, step out your bedroom, see that standin’ in yo’ kitchen
Takin’ vids of all of yo’ cars, and lyin’ and go to postin’ pictures
Told ’em I don’t wanna interfere with her fitness, bitch, I’m dippin’
I’m romantically involved in Virginia, me and Renni
Took Shahada, became Muslim, all the men was at attendance
Ashadu a la illaha il-allah, I’m Muslim, I bare witness
On my mind, ain’t mean to waste your time, but, I’m still on my grizzy
That other guy can you make you happy ’cause he could give what I can’t give you
Rubi Rose, I can’t wait to have your feet facin’ my ceilin’
With my tongue deep in yo’ ass while I kiss all on yo’ kitty
Put that dick deep in yo’ back and have you cum all on this missile
Put yo’ hands behind yo’ back and smack yo’ ass, I’m in yo’ kidneys
Ain’t no disrespect to Jigga, met through Nipsey, that’s my nigga
Don’t know if they into swingin’, Beyonce need to let me hit her
Make her piss all on this dick, respectfully, her body shiver
I want Nicki, she need Kevin, she still playin’ around with Kenneth
Only ones to shout me out was Ben 10 and Fredrick Givens
Everybody that come around take my style and try to steal it
Knowin’ that I make Mazi smile, I don’t bow down, I’m rockin’ glitter
Neighborhood, you pay two-fifty, they put switches on yo’ glizzy
Free Lil Mane, free B Stupid, Dump Truck, and free B Jigga
Free Maluchie and Lee Lucas, Corn Bread and Corey Miller
Told ’em, “Dolph ain’t never dead, I’m in the booth, he right here with me”
Disrespect me, I’ma dive off in yo’ dentures like yo’ dentist
Sometimes, I feel like Kodak Black, I go to callin’ on my spirits
Then, I jump out in all black, my feathers in, I’m representin’
I don’t do no ultimatums, I done grew into my visions
I am God in the flesh, and I’m above yo’ intuitions
I go hard by myself, and I don’t need no supervision
Heron flow, I’m in control, and I got Power like I’m 50

What you want me to say?
‘Cause I really, I don’t wanna talk deep, ya heard me
You know what’s up with me (switch like a pussy lil’ bitch)
If I offended anybody, ayy, please, forgive me, I’m so not sorry
You want smoke, just keep it between me and you
It’ll get there pronto, ya heard me?
They say it’s smoke in the air behind Lil Kevin, ya heard me?
Above whatever
Ya heard me?
We honor those who honor the truth, pity those who don’t
And you switched like a pussy lil’ bitch

Track Information

Song titleSuper General
ArtistKevin Gates
Release DateJun 9, 2022


WritersKevin Gates
ProducersKevin Gates
Record LabelKevin Gates

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