Paranoid-Kranium Lyrics

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Only trust,

my Nick were not my partner.

Oh yeah.

Even the worst movie of lies and 45


you know,

see if not the court,


no one can lose a life,

they material.


with a pencil,


just to prove a point you stand right beside them.

That’s a night.

I don’t see an Aleve.

Love you see consider my get some ginger tea pies

and minimum pre-cast to be damn careful,

heed and can trick me count me amongst tonight?

I just like,

I am not gonna lie,


From the demon,

those desert and

I did a big day.

Ain’t no guy happening.


I’ll get the collar crashing at the.

My niggas.

That’s because

they know we Face a nice-looking scroll.


and she trying to take it a go give me the eat your Golden Throne.

Gotta go with the flow.

Rosie boy,

let me know if you smoke.

I live in

Paris and I am the demon.

Those desserts that normal part at night.

Track Information

Song titleParanoid
Release DateNov 4, 2022

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