MOTOWN – KayCyy  Lyrics

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Three, three, three

Open a bottle at three, that’s 3 PM, not 3 AM
I used to watch my pops drink and I feel like I’m turnin’ into him
Yeah, beautiful Black woman, that’s my mother, but dad was creepin’
Uh, beautiful Black trauma, somethin’ we go through like every season
Yeah, I’m learnin’ what’s different, I’m learnin’ to love, I’m readin’ the feasons
The doctor gave me prescriptions and made up some reasons and told me I need ’em
Yeah, mama gave me some scriptures, it’s all that I needed, I said I believed it
Yеah, uh, lookin’ at the fourteen-year-old me, hеld it strong, kept it pimpin’, that’s how I see it
Uh, when it come to my loved ones, that’s all I got, so the past shit, I don’t see it
Yeah, yeah, talk about all the bad times, then I talk all about all the good times, I weigh it
I forgive you (I forgive you)
It’s all good (It’s all good)

Bitch, what? Huh?

How you the fuck you actin’ fake, tryna define the real? (Let’s go)
Every weapon got a kit, they all designed to kill
Risk takin’, pray to God before I jump behind the wheel (Shit)
Risk takin’, this before I ever thought to sign the deal
Classy vibes, fuck the flighest, my bitch gon’ buy the heels (Let’s go)
Hit his Quagen with some Karo, then I get the pint re-sealed
Had to leave lil’ brodie at the crib because he like to steal
Where I’m from, it’s get your cards poppin’ or sell narcotics
I was trainin’ with the punches, feelin’ like Bernard Hopkins
Electrocute the road in TS1s, we just went car shoppin’
He took so many shots from Drac’, you’d think he bar hoppin’
Oxycodone with the codeine got me meditatin’, elevatin’
I just made my first M, we celebratin’
Dropped out, could probably school you, hottest youngin’ educated
Hopped up in the wrong field and left his mama devastated
Unky got the girl duct taped like he Ted Bundy (Ted, Ted, Ted)
I been ballin’, I been ballin’ since the red monkeys
I been ballin’, I been ballin’ since the tip-off (Ooh)
Yohji Yamamotos on my legs, let’s have a drip-off (Ooh, ooh, let’s have a what?)
And these bitches full of blues, let’s have a Crip-off (Go)
Yeah, I see them Loubs on your feet, them bitches rip-offs (Them bitches)
Rollin’ up some jet fuel, I’m finna lift off
Bitch wanna fuck, but she ain’t ask me what the dick cost (Ah)

What? (Brr)
Pluto, Tron (Brr, brr, brr)
Every day, that’s us
ShittyBoyz, Dog $hit Milita, you know what the fuck goin’ on
What’s the deal, KayCyy?

Track Information

Song titleMOTOWN
Release Date:Jan 27, 2023


Record LabelKayCyy

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